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Senacor is an independent service company for business IT transformation that creates added value through technology as a strategic partner for market leaders in German-speaking countries. Of its 550 employees (2019), 280 work as consultants, project managers and analysts together with 200 software developers to transform IT landscapes of large companies in the banking, insurance, automotive, logistics and public administration sectors and to build digital platforms from concept to implementation. Customers relying on this expertise include eight out of eleven of the largest banks in Germany, two of the three largest automakers, and one of the largest IT users in public administration. Senacor is characterized by a strong end-to-end perspective on customer projects and a high level of expertise to dovetail products, processes and the organization with a modern business IT platform. The goal: effective and elegant solutions with simple means and measurable benefits for demanding tasks. 80 percent of these projects relate to business-critical IT solutions, 20 percent to providing consulting support for digital transformations and to both planning and managing large-scale projects. 75 percent of project employees are computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists or engineers, and another 25 percent are business IT specialists and economists. For them, the motto is: 100 percent delivery reliability. No project fails. Senacor also attaches great importance to long-term partnerships. A large part of the business comes from customer relationships that have existed for more than three years. Currently, Senacor has annual sales of more than 145.6 million euros (2019). Since its foundation in 1999, the company has been growing continuously organically, with a long-term average of more than 15 percent per year. In addition to its headquarters in Eschborn, Senacor has sites in Bonn, Nuremberg, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Vienna, as well as a nearshore development center in Košice, Slovakia.

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